District Attorney

Press Release April 6, 2023

Welcome to the website of the Venango County Office of District Attorney.  Since becoming District Attorney in 2014, my goal has been to protect the citizens of our community.

District Attorney Staff


The District Attorney is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the county.  As the chief law enforcement officer the District Attorney has authority over all criminal cases arising within the county; and in the interest of justice, has the authority to prosecute or dismiss criminal charges filed by law enforcement or private complaint.


The Office of the District Attorney represents the people of the Commonwealth; and in interest of the people prosecutes violations of:

  • The Controlled Substance Drug Device and Cosmetic Act
  • The Crimes Code
  • The Liquor Code
  • The Pharmacy Act
  • The Vehicle Code
  • Various laws promulgated for our general health welfare and safety

The District Attorney and Assistant District Attorneys advise law enforcement in criminal procedure and law providing 24 hour advisory assistance and in major crime investigations provide on site assistance to the police. 

In addition, the office conducts and authorizes various criminal investigations.


As elected official and officer of the court, the District Attorney must be a member of the Bar in Pennsylvania and must have established residency in the County a minimum of one year prior to election.