Community Support Services

Venango County Community Support Services (CSS) provides a variety of services to the low-income residents of Venango County. Services are aimed at assisting individuals and families in overcoming their barriers to self-sufficiency by promoting both individual and family functioning and stability. It has been determined that reaching these overall outcomes may best be achieved through the provision of services including:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Income Management
  • Linkages
  • Nutrition
  • Self-Sufficiency

Household Income

All clients served will be verified as having annual incomes within 125% of the poverty guidelines as per the most recent directive issued. Clients will be required to verify all sources of household income for the 30-day period immediately preceding the date of application for services. Individual program regulations will also be followed in determining eligibility specifically as they apply to utility assistance, and particular target groups with regard to youth services. Service authorization will be made only after client eligibility is determined and documented.

Agencies & Organizations

CSS works with various agencies and organizations in the county including:

  • AmeriCorps
  • Associated Charities
  • Child Development Centers
  • Clintonville Food Pantry
  • Community Services
  • Human Services
  • Local churches
  • Mustard Seed Missions
  • Oil City and Franklin Salvation Army
  • Oil City YMCA
  • Red Cross
  • Youth Alternatives

CSS works closely with a variety of agencies and funding sources enabling access to the most cost-effective delivery of services.

Diaper Bank

Venango County Human Services has joined forces with The Pointe to provide diapers and incontinence products to county residents. 

  • The Pointe Drop-In Center
    259 Seneca Street
    Oil City, PA 16301
    Phone: 814-676-1009

Scholarship Programs

Venango County CSS is committed to providing educational and recreational services to income eligible residents in programs such as:

  • Literacy Programs / Summer Reading Program
  • Summer Camping / Field Trips
  • Sports fees/equipment

Employment Programs

Employment / School Aid Programs

Financial help in securing required clothing, books, testing fees for post-secondary schooling, car repairs, and similar assistance to help you secure or maintain employment or schooling.

Life Coach

To improve the quality of life of Venango County residents through a holistic approach to the care and education through engagement, assessment, and linkages.

The Life Coach assists adults with serious mental illness or dual diagnosis, and/or complex needs that have directly impacted their ability to remain in the community. We work with individuals to directly address and mitigate Social Determinates of Health barriers in the areas of transportation, employment, housing instability, food insecurity, clothing needs, childcare access/affordability, and/or budgeting for utilities.

Additional Information

If you or your family is interested in educational or recreational programs, please contact us at 814-432-9767 for additional information.